What do you think about Microsoft? RAW DATA
sample size = 300
What do you think about Microsoft?
1They make really innovative easy to use products.
2good company
4I like them a lot
5Technology leader with products widely used by consumers and companies.
6it has many tools to make computer use easier
7it is a decent os
8I think Bill Gates is a genious
9Microsoft is a very well known brand that is well liked.
10missed the boat on mobile
11i love it
12love it
14i like it and have used it for years
15great company
16I like microsoft. I have used it for years.
18use it's programs every day
19good gaming company
21Evil Empire
22I have no solid opinions one way or another
23i feel they are a trusted comopany
24big, brash, overconfident, old, struggling
25I like there games
26They make great product
27I feel good about microsoft because it is a well known brand.
28A multi-billion dollar company started by Bill Gates.
29Is one of the most innovating company producing user friendly software and technology.
30i like it andtink it is the best softwar co. in the world
31love it
32i hate them. bill gates is a thief
34Ok company
35I have a good feeling about Microsoft over all.
36i don't have an opinion on this subject.
37The premiere software company.
38very good honest
39it is a great companyit it has lots of fans but windows aren't that great of a seller
40Pretty useful tool.
41Its a great sompany
43I like their older products better.
44Without Microsoft, you would have less of everything technical
46I like them
48could use upgrade
50I think its a very innovative brand.
52Don't know much , but I think its great!
53very good company
54easy competive no problems
55good, runs good on my computer
56who cares?
57i have no idea.
58It is okay. It has dominated the industry but is not cutting edge.
60i think it is a good company, but struggling right now
61a company that we need services from
63It is a large computer company that I trust.
65I like Microsoft. They treat their employees well.
66Microsoft is an innovative company.
67it ok
68very good product
69basically like them and what they do but don't like windows 8 for regular laptops
70Ubiquitous and lazy
72solid company, traditional
73mostly positive with reservations about some of their stupid choices
74love it
75great company, great founder
76I don't care one way or the other about Microsoft
78OK co. needs to work harder to catch Apple
79The Gates make big donations to solve serious world problems.
81innvative company that will be around a long time
82something that screws up computer with updates
85I ue & like their products
86pioneer in personal computing, but losing its lead in desktop
87like their products
88True leader in Personal computing operating systems and softeare
89They have changed the way be work
90I like it have used it most of my life
91Microsoft is a useful and wonderful creation.
92It's a great brand that offers premium products.
93makes my life easier
94I think Microsoft is a great software that we need.
96it works
97It is a leading company that produces excellent software
98its okay
99good company
100a "widows and orphans" stock, now.
101dislike, too big
102It is state of the art
103they are a company that makes useful software products - a leader in the field
104great company that makes the world a better place
105It is an okay site
106I like Microsoft and use it all the time. It's trustworthy.
107I think Microsoft is a very progressive company they have made using the computer easier to use
108I like it very much and is the only one I know of.
109products you need
110it is up to date
111I use it. I don't have a lot of choices.
112no real feelings
113no big deal glad they are there but too expensive
114Love Microsoft! Excited they may come out with streaming audio site to compete with Pandora.
115it's a great company
116high tech
117out to get rich fast
118i think it is wonderful
119like it some
121love it, i have stock in it.....
122safe and respected company
123they're fine
124great company
125Arrogant, customer phobic company
126great product
127Excellent innovative products.
128I like them
129Dependable and Technolgy driven company.
130not much
131I like Microsoft.
132dont know
133makes jobs for us all
134the best out there, easy and intuitive
135drty nm, dtynm
136A large corporate machine with aspirations of world domination.
138I think the company is great and doing a fine job with the products they have on the market today
139I feel that they are trustworthy and innovative.
140I own the stock,i like the co
141very in depth and a leader in technology
143they are a company that is hard to get things repaired when you have problems they do not care
144its okay
145old technology giant, monopoly
147its fine
148Brilliant company but just not my style.
149They are OK.
150a versatile software for all office needs
151very innovative
152The copany is effective, efficient, equipped, and excellent.
153I love t
154I think it is a quality product.
155I am unfamiliar with Microsoft
156It a leader in computer
157great--have always used
158Amazingly awesome inventor of functionality!
159dont know nothing about it
160It's a very lucrative business!
161don't know much about it
163Microsoft is hanging in there a big rebound possible
165i like microsoft
166the are an innovative company
167i have trouble communicating with them
168I like and use it alll time
169it's ok
170not what it used to be
171its great
173It is expensive
174nothing better for computers
175popular, essential, innovative, affordable.
176Microsoft is a company that advances our civilization.
177its a good company, with a good track record.
178All I ever know about computer systems.
179I like it.
180good smart unique diferent innovatde up date confident moderm quality faster
181i really don't have an opinion on them never thought of them much
183Handcuff & handicapped for years!
184They are excellent.
185very good
186powerful company that brought us much great technology
187No comment
190Great company that has helped develop the field of technology.
191Behemoth, monopolizer, not innovative. Use their heft to win.
193I think it's on the way down because of apple.
194Useful, overbearing, can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em.
195It's a good
196I like Microsoft because of their products
197its ok
198l like it
199Like the company, have a love/hate relationship with the software.
200Great company
203They are good compny, they do good to help other in the world.
205its great
206Great company, but outdated
207I like it and it has a lot going for it.
208Seem to be ok if you know how to use all of its apps
209Microsoft is the basis of the internet.
210very good
212its a great product amongst software
213Advanced technology, somewhat honest
214Love the new 8 software
215III is easy to use
216i feel very positive.
217Better than Apple, but definitely not perfect. It has flaws.
218Microsoft has lost its way. Their innovations are disappointing.
219I feel microsoft is a dependable system
220I like their work but hate all the monopoly
222Necessary evil
223i dont have any feelings for any corporations
224I prefer it for my computer
226microsoft is a necessary evil. Don't like, need.
227To much upgrades and patches for windows
228been using it for years and never had a problem.
229I like it
230it's fine
231Like its core products
232Microsoft is AMAZING!
233i like them because they made everything possible
234it's simple,basic and a great software.
235It's Not Apple
236I feel friendly, use Windows and like it
237It's ok
238Good company
239great company in beginning but has become a monopoly in the recent past, with it's bundling lawsuit and always seem to be in some sort of litigation, which distracts from it's core mission and goal which was/is to pursue long lasting innovative products for computing and creating software for apps....
240Same old restart and still don't work.
241Microsoft is amazing! It came up with the greatest idea of Microsoft
243Just fine.
244I don't think they are a quality brand or make quality products.
245I use their products all the time. Like them.
246I like it a lot great products
248i used it for years
249It's the only brand i've used
250It's good but very open to viruses and hackers.
252I like it a lot
253It is the number one software company and I like them.
254Like most of what they have produced so far.
255Easy to use, great looking interface, smooth visuals.
256I like the company and their products
257i like it easy up to date
258I love it
259Inovative company
260i really trust microsoft ,as a great company.
261Love it!
262i like this because is a good tecnology
263its a pretty great computer softwear
264its the best software in the world
265Great easy and necessary
266It's okay
267They make decent products.
268I feel very comfortable with it.
269A bit confusing when it changes
270Cutting edge software and Operating System.
271make difficult to easy
272I really don't have any particular feelings about Microsoft.
273Up and coming
274Trustworthy and dependable! Wouldn't use anything else!
275It is very easy to use.
276Microsoft is a very useful software.
277I'm ok with it but I don't like all of there control
278It gets the job done efficiently.
279I feel like it is dying out.
280is a good company, with a good products
281I think it is cutting edge in the field of technology.
282I think microsoft is great
284I like Microsoft
285changes too much.
287It is the best thing since I dont know when
288Microsoft is the greatest thing to happen to computers period
289i dont use it at all so i cant say if i like it or not
290game systems are ok, but great search engine, and word processor
291I am loyal to MicroSoft, as I have used their products because they are easy to use.
292Microsoft - love it
293trusted and well know company
294Good Company
295The software is becoming extremely cool
296Good, great, excited, happy,
298Love it
299I absolutely love Microsoft and their products
300I think that it is a great program that I use for my personal reasons